10 Of The Strangest Plants We Have Ever Seen!


If you are a master of gardening and think that you have knowledge about most of the plants we are sure you would not have seen these plants. We have rounded up here some of the strangest plants that exist on this planet. Scroll down to see which plant is on our list of ten strangest plants, and share with us if you have any interesting information about these plants.

Cavendishia Grandifolia Or Tropical Blueberries


Couroupita Guianensis Or Cannonball Tree


Aeonium Tabuliforme Or Dinner Plate Aeonium

Euphorbia Caput-Medusae

Euphorbia Ingens

Johannesteijsmannia Altifrons Or Joey Palm

Mounting Staghorn Ferns

Victoria Cruziana Or Santa Cruz Water Lily/Water Platter


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