10 Poisonous Plants You Need To Be Careful About!


Plants add colors to our homes, but they can be hazardous if they are poisonous plants. Most of the plants are safe to grow in home but there are a few varieties of plants that you need to avoid if you have children and pets who like to chew or crush plants.

These poisonous plants can cause allergic skin irritations, stomach aches or even worse in case if consumed in large quantities. Often the bitter taste of these plants stops children and pets to ingest much of it. If you suspect that your child or pet has been poisoned by eating or touching a houseplant, call your doctor, veterinarian immediately.

We have listed down here ten poisonous plants that you should not plant in your house. Some of these plants can be grown in homes but a little extra carefulness need to be adopted for them.

1. Daffodils

2. Dumb Cane

3. Easter Lily

4. English Ivy

5. Oleander

6. Peace lily

7. Philodendron

8. Pothos

9. Sago Palm

10. ZZ plant


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