Black and White Living Room Ideas

One of the hottest trends in interior design right now is using two ends of the spectrum such as white and black. White and black combination make a modern, sophisticated and chic mix of colors which can make your living room look charming. Black and white mixture can be dynamic, dramatic, formal, modern, and is also the ideal background for adding other colors. This combination can blend equally well in interiors of all sorts of styles including art deco, hi-tech, classic, among others. Black and white living room design accept the presence of the other colors shades which means it gives you plenty of room to get creative and use your imagination.

One of the rules when creating a black and white living room is not to use the black and white tones in similar proportion; you need to choose one color which will dominate the design. The selection will depend entirely on your particular taste, and-and what you wish to achieve as the final result.
Check out these Black and White Living Room Ideas.


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