Crepe Paper Flowers Are the Lovliest DIY Project

We adore blossoms in any shape an energetic bundle of tulips, a sprouting tree,and correct even in eyeliner. These happy universes by DIY goddess Lia Griffith are additional extraordinary, because they never shrivel. you can make them yourself!


Cosmo flower pattern (Download it here for free)

Double-sided crepe paper

Green paper ($9 for set of 500 sheets,

Red marker ($7 for 2 packs of 8,

Floral wire ($5,

Floral tape ($8 for 3 rolls,

Hot glue gun and hot glue ($9 for set,




1. Removed the leaf and blossom designs. Get the full PDF here and make a point to print it at full size.


2. Follow the examples onto the red and green paper, then removed the greater part of the petals and takes off.


3. To make the focuses of the blooms, overlay the rectangular bit of paper down the middle and cut little openings along the edge. Utilize craft glue to roll the collapsed paper around the finish of the flower wire.


4. Utilize a red marker to softly shade the pointed end of the crepe paper petals.


5. Extend every petal into a delicately bended shape.


6. Use hot glue to attach the petals.


7. Wrap floral tape to cover the wire stem.


8. Utilize scissors to precisely bend the leaves, then paste them to a different bit of wire.


9. With botanical tape, join the leaf stems to the principle blossom stem, then wrap to cover the wire.

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