Fall Party Food: Cute Serving Ideas

Planning your party menu is only half the fun -- we like everything we serve to look cute, too! With our creative serving idea's for fall party food, your buffet table will stop guests in their tracks.

Shape Up Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is a staple on your menu, and it's easy to make a classic comfort food party. Instead of traditional vents in the top of the pie, use a cookie cutter to carve a smooth shape.

Top Off Your Cider

Slicing apples crosswise reveal a festive star shape that looks and tastes gorgeous atop autumnal spiced cider. Strands of orange peel are another lovely touch that adds a hint of citrus zing.

Make a Spooky Shadow

Great for Halloween, our raven stencil lets you leave a ghostly trace of the dessert plate. Creating the designs on white plate offers the most dramatic look.

Use Paper Cones

Simple, inexpensive paper cone's added serious panache to party snacks. Choose a beautiful, medium paper and wrap it tightly into a cone shape, securing with clear tape as you go. Put the cone in cups so they stand up on your table.

Dress Up Cupcakes

Give a standard cups cake a party-ready makeover in three steps. First choose cupcake liners that match your party's theme (bonus if they coordinate with the frosting). Then tie each cake with a ribbon, and finally top off the frosting with a cute candy.

Decorate Your Cake Stand

Go one step further with your party decoration and dress up your cake stand with a beautiful cord or ribbon. It's such an easy idea that add a touch of charm to your tablescape.

Wrap Ice Cream Sandwiches

Melted ice cream dripping down your arm can put a damper on your party spirit. Cheer up! A simple wax- or parchment paper wrap looks adorable and saves you and your party guests from sticky hands.

Use Disposable Cookware

Even sandwiches can get dressed up for your next tailgate. Pack them in pure aluminum pans for unfussy appeal. Wax-paper wraps for each burger look fresh and minimize mess.

Upgrade Your Toothpicks

When it comes to any party planning, easier is better. That's why we all love these decked-out toothpicks so cute, yet so darn easy. Buy them or make them with crisscrossing with tape to match your party theme.

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