Five Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

Check Mason jugs, skimming candles, rescued materials and more for jazzy outside light.


1.Light the way


Canning jugs with tea lights make a shimmering access to any open air gathering. Wrap the highest points of lidless containers with hose cinches and suspend from a tree limb or a shepherd's-crook stake.


2.Raised lighting


Coasting candles offer to brighten for a night cultivate party. A raised, electrifies tub floods with delicate flowers; inside, a smaller container holds the coasting candles.


3.Tiny delights


Lighting makes mood, so ensure the kind you pick coordinates yours. Candles skimming among blooms is pure romance.


4.Warm scene


Typhoon style lamps warm the look in this fall setting. They come in many styles, making it easy to discover one to fit your look.


5.Flower dream


Candles and flowers add romance to any garden event. (Utilize battery-powered candles if wind is a bother or fire is a concern. Hang a crystal fixture like this up in a tree or from hardscaping.

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