Five smart decoration tricks that will create a bright space

Make your home lighter, brighter and bigger with these clever lighting traps that will change your living space.


1. Dim Delights


In a room that receives a lot of regular light, you can work with deeper shades to convey character and identity to the plan. A rich green forest will reflect the shadows of nature seen through the window, obscured the boundary between the inside and the outside.


2. Cold Coverage


Increase the feeling of space in a strongly molded room, for example, a space changed over the space with a dark and silent screen paint. Use a similar tone for dividers and ceiling and incorporates embellishments in packaging tones.


3. In the right lines


Use groups of conditioning tones to give the larger fiction in a room with low ceilings. "To accentuate the normally shaded backgrounds of a divider, paint them in solid tones and select lighter tones higher to speed up the sensation space," says Ruth Mottershead, executive promoter of Little Greene.


4. Simple and simple


They are housed in pale wood furniture or in a daily non-partisan complement to maintain a strategic distance from the feel of a swarm room and minimize the silent look. Include a touch of utility elegance in a kitchen or party area with a large closet that objects have closed the furniture store at the base for larger objects and have opened the shelves at best for a nice screen.


5. Reflection


The mirrors are incredible to influence a space so that they look brighter as they reduce the light around the space.

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