Fruit Salad Recipes

Spinach salad got you down? Pile your plates with a fresh fruit salad instead! Using seasonal fruit and easy, simple homemade dressings, we came up with fabulous fruit salads that are perfect for your next potluck.


Fennel and Orange Salad



Stop guests in their tracks with this outstanding, citrus-based fruit salad. Crisp bites of fennel are an easy but transformative ingredient, adding a fresh, anise-like flavor.


Fruit Bowl Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing



Want a classic fruit salad? This is your guy. Take small bite-size pieces of your favorite fruit and toss them in our honey-mint dressing.


Cinnamon Orange Slices



Need a last-minute recipe? Laced with cinnamon; this sweet and delicious fruit salad will pair perfectly with tangy coleslaws.


Gingered Fruit Compote



This ginger-chilly fruit salad is the spruce-up your potluck needs. Allow an hour of chill time for the flavors to mingle.


Fresh Fruit with Citrus-Mint Dressing



Just four ingredients make this fruit salad too delicious. Toss segments of your favorite fruits citrus with honey,  orange juice, and mint, and enjoy.


Watermelon Salad



The gelatin mold is back, and trust me, this time; it's chic. Slices of fresh chilly watermelon gelatin are filled with fresh fruit for an even juicier bite. Top with feta cheese for a charming contrast.


Blackberry Salad with Creamy Feta



Sweet, juicy blackberries hold court over pickled salty feta and onions in this umami-inspired fruit salad. If you like spices, add a layer of heat with crushed black and red pepper.


Cucumber-Honeydew Salad with Feta



Sprigs of dill or chopped onion give this cucumber-melon fruit salad a Mediterranean vibe. Serve it in late summer or early fall when melons are at their best.


Italian Fruit Salad



Intended to impress? Try the no-fail combo of fresh seasonal and basil fruit. The bright herb enhances even subtle fruits, like grapes, and watermelon, letting them take center stage. Tossed in a lightly fresh honey dressing, this fruit salad can double as dessert.

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