Lady Recreated Provence in Her Backyard

What an approach to shake the house! On her nine-section of land property in Sonoma, California, architect Wendy Owen utilized nearby fieldstone to construct her French-roused town, loaded with provincial structures for engaging and pleasant sheds for planting and cooking.




Planner Wendy Owen made the eating table on her Sonoma property from antique rescued shafts; she slipcovered the Ron Mann Design seats in vintage burlap grain sacks. A gathering of five light fixtures enlightens the table.




"This is not a favor, decked-out kitchen: The counter is a section of oak, the sink is a French stone bowl, and the overgrown burl of the tree outside the window is the ideal bit of workmanship," says Owen. She decorated a basic steel-tube crystal fixture with grapevines, ivy, and live greenery.




The breakfast porch is set with French bistro seats and a stone table. The dishes are by Astier de Villatte.




Owen utilized water channels to make a beautiful wellspring.

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