Salad Gardening: How to Build an Indoor Garden Shelf

Some of us can garden all year outdoors yet others, who have a cold, winter weather may want to look for the way to bring the garden inside. While there are plenty of creative idea's for indoor edible gardening, I love the ideas of creating a garden plot inside such as an indoor garden shelf filled with a variety of edible sprouts, micro greens, and salad greens, right inside your home.



How to Build an Indoor Garden Shelf


Around this time of year, when the outside garden is put to bed, it’s time to start my salad indoor garden. You can read all about this simple method for growing healthy greens indoors in my book, but the basic routine is: plant the seeds, leave the trays in a dark cupboard for four days, then put the trays on a windowsill to grow until harvest. From start to finish you’ll be able to produce a significant amount of delicious salad greens in less than ten days at a fraction of the cost of buying them at a market.



A few years ago, designed a shelf and cabinet combination to use as an all-in-one unit for my indoor salad garden. The unit provides room for fifty 3” x 6” trays (the size of a half-loaf bread pan)—25 plates on the shelf and 25 dishes in the cabinet above. I like variety in salads, so I tend to plant five trays of five different seeds: peas,  sunflower, buckwheat, radish, and broccoli. The combination makes a great tossed salad.



Building your indoor garden shelf is a perfect project for a weekend. With this one shelf and cabinet combination, you can produce enough greens to make a salad every day for your family throughout the winter.  It is a ‘small and beautiful’ kind of garden, the idea is to plant just enough to harvest what you need for a day, so the green is as fresh and has nutritious as possible.

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