Six Beautiful Backyards

Your backyard is your private withdraw. Improve it by including touches that make it unique: a water highlight, comfortable seating, stunning plant beds, even only a loft. Here is some motivation.


State of mind setter

A koi lake says tranquility when arranged by a seating region shaded by trees and various umbrellas in this Twin Cities backyard.


Extensive use

Screened porches expand your season outside and move to yards. Plantings of hydrangeas resound the blues in the seating zone and white of this Door County, Wisconsin, home.


Open air kitchen

This open air kitchen buckles down so you don't need to. Stone faces the components, and there is each apparatus you could need to serve gourmet toll.


Less space makeover

This property holder in Columbus, Ohio, partitioned his 50x50-foot patio—bookended by house and carport—into four outside rooms loaded with luxuries for unwinding or engaging.


Welcoming passageway

An arbor supporting summer-sprouting clematis and honeysuckle prompts to a prairie plant in this Illinois patio. Twig seats and a model produced using old garden and homestead executes eccentricity.


Include eccentricity

This sweet gazebo in a Grayslake, Illinois, yard includes eccentricity using its shading plan and its gingerbread-sort trim components.


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