8 Rustic Home Decoration Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Rustic decor is so β€œin” right now. Whether you live in the country, or your home is in the city, you can still have nicer rustic decor, and you can do it all yourself.

We have collected a list of the unique DIY projects to give your home that beautiful rustic look. You can find everything from headboards or picture frames to shelves and cabinets made from wooden pallets.


Whatever your dream for a rustic home look, you are sure to find something in this ideas that will help you along. Many projects are so easy to do, and you can complete them in less than a day. Some make excellent gifts as well so if you know someone else who just loves the country, rustic look, make them something to brighten their decor. These projects use all sorts of materials, many of which are inexpensive or even cheap in some cases.


Rustic Headboard



If you need a new headboard and want to give your bedroom a high country look, you can create a rustic headboard from that looks like old barn doors. These projects can be done with just about any material you want, but if you want the rustic look, you can use pallet boards and old barn wood.


Pallet Shelves



These old pallets are relatively easy to come by, and they are cheap. The greatest thing about them is you can do so much with them like these quick and easy pallet shelves. You only need about three hours per shelf and a few supplies, and you can stain them to whatever color you want to make them match your existing decor.


Rustic Photo Frames



These old wooden photo frames can be turned into stunning rustic decor with just a bit of work. You can use burlap for the matting and then add white and black pictures, Monogram cardboard cutouts or anything you want. You can even include small satin ribbons to decorate them a bit if you wish. These are so easy to do and looks pretty in the rooms.


Twin Lamp



Any old lamp can instantly be transformed into rustic pieces with just a little work. Rope work precisely for the base, and you just have to wrap it completely, ensuring that you glue it down as you go. Add a rustic lamp shade and you have a beautiful new lamp that costs you very little if anything at all.


Stone Kitchen Island



Ok, so this project may take a little more cash and a lot more time, but it is worth it. If you have a kitchen island and if you have always wanted one, make it from stones or bricks. This gives your entire kitchen a stunning rustic look, and the project is a lot easier than you may think.


Rustic Porch Bench



This great bench takes the minimum time to create. You have to purchase the wood needed and then assemble everything together. It is a great porch bench, and you can paint or stain it whatever color you need to match your existing decor. The β€œX” legs make it the rustic table for any home.


Oversized Wood Slice Coffee Table



Two or three large wood slices put together will make a beautiful coffee table. You just have to cut the slices (or have them cut for you) a couple of inches thick and then stack them at alternating angles to give it a unique look. Add wooden blocks to the bottom for legs and be sure to varnish it so that spills will clean up quickly.


Birch Log Coffee Table


You can create a stunning coffee table by simple stacking logs together. Line the logs end up and create a circle whatever size you needed. Then just tie them all together with rope or twine to keep your coffee table secure. You do need to make sure that the logs are the same height, and you may want to sand the tops down just a bit to make them smooth.

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